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Our Values

SAPSCON's values are based on four cornerstones of excellence: quality, safety, speed and assurance. We analyze and improve tasks to maximise productivity. At Sapscon, we work with enthusiasm, expertise and intellect - all principles driven to surpass our achievements. Our team believes in delivering sustainable, safe and high-quality services that uphold the core values and the legacy of Sapscon Engineering Construction. We uphold 10 core values that help define standards guiding the behaviour of personnel at Sapscon.

Core Values

& Integrity

Attention To
Detail & Quality

& Systematic

Strong Planning
& Execution

& Strategic



& Accountable

By Results

& Innovative

Construction Quality Assurance

SAPSCON assures quality of construction from beginning to completion of the project. As a dynamic and complex industry, construction engineering involves varied processes across different sectors. The major constraints in construction are: time-bound delivery of project, maintaining desired level of quality and averting cost overruns. With safety and quality being the major focus for construction, we at SAPSCON support you in turning your plans into reality and overcoming constraints.

SAPSCON's quality and safety team strives to minimize the damages and risks in advance and averts unwanted costs due to the delay and rework in construction operation. As a responsible construction company in safety, we believe in executing job-specific safety plan for each project, so that all members are responsible for upholding the safety precautions set forth by our programs and plans. We pay close attention to project subcontractors and ensure that they comply with our safety guidelines and keep up the job site integrity.

The foundations for building an establishment in one city differs from that of the other. And, that makes a huge difference, but what remains the same for SAPSCON is "quality". We have constructed buildings across Goa and have forged long-lasting relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors in our community, which has given us an unparalleled expertise about identifying who are the best, and who are not. These are factors that act as quality tenets that guide the excellence we have achieved today.

We are quality-driven at SAPSCON. We believe that it's not just the outer magnificence of a building that pleases our clients, but it's the time-tested quality of construction that would be more appreciated by them.

SAPSCON has immense expertise in constructing impressive establishments across the country: buildings of all purposes and sizes, from medical to education, office to retail and warehouse to athletic facilities. We have a different approach to construction - a combination of technology, people and processes. The state-of-the-art project technology ensures cost-effective and efficient construction, and enhanced communication within the team and outside.

Nothing is More Important than Employee Safety

At Sapscon, we do what we say we will do. As problem solvers, we are constantly focussed on production and are committed to achieving results. We are a 2015 certified construction company, and since its inception in the year 2010, Sapscon has been following crucial safety guidelines:

Pre-construction meetings with sub-contractors prioritizing safety

Employee training on project specific safety meetings

from top to bottom

Safety auditing
field supervisory


Nationally consistent

Safety programs
are site specific

Emergency and
crisis preparedness

At Sapscon, safety is our mission, and construction is our passion. We recognize that our employees are our most valuable asset, and that the provision of a healthy working environment is inevitable for unmatched business excellence. The extensive health and safety training programmes are examples of this approach.

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