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Our Projects & Capabilities

SAPSCON specializes in developing state-of-the-art facilities with a strong know-how in industrial construction and high value-added fabrications.

The construction company has an immense experience in executing different construction stages of industrial plant processes. We have built manufacturing facilities and pharma production units for various clients across Goa. Our expertise has made us into specialists in industrial construction projects. We believe in developing the best industrial manufacturing/production units for our customers. Our passion for innovation and our team of dedicated workmen help us achieve our goals.

From developing turn-key projects to constructing complex custom facilities, Sapscon ensures that our solutions integrate with the newest technology in the industry. We draw upon in-house knowledge, covering the whole lifecycle of your project from design and fabrication to commissioning and maintenance. Irrespective of whether we are designing individual components or complete facilities, Sapscon combines superior levels of profitability and savings in terms of cost and time.


Encube Ethicals Pvt.Ltd.

Factory Shed


Godrej Boyce Ltd.

Factory Office


Encube Ethicals Pvt.Ltd.

QC Office Building - Tallest pharmaceutical QC Building
in industry with structural roofing at 37 meter height.

ION Exchange Project 1.jpeg

Ion Exchange

Factory Office

Goa Bagaytdar - Shiroda Project.jpeg

Goa Bagayatdar (Shiroda)

Outlet & Warehouse

Teknic Electric.jpg

Teknic Electric




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