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Our Safety Policy

At SAPSCON, Construction is our Passion and Safety is our Mission. We place Safety and Quality at paramount importance.

First Grade Safety
for Employees

Regular Medical

Tobacco Banned
at Sites

Sapscon Engineering Constructions recognises that our people are our most valuable asset and that the provision of a safe and healthy working environment is integral to successful business performance and sustained growth. This is reinforced through our extensive occupational health provision and health and safety training programmes.

At Sapscon we place Safety and Quality above all else. Although we work in variety of industries and diverse geographic conditions our commitment to job Safety is evident on every project. Regards as a growing construction company in safety we factor it in from day one by creating a job specific safety plan for every project, all team members are responsible for upholding the safety standards and precautions set forth by our plans and programs.

We pay close attentions to project sub-contractors ensuring they comply with our safety guidelines and maintain job site integrity.

Grow Your Vision

Sapscon Constructions reckons their employees as their valuable asset. The right to safe and healthy working
environment is a basic human right and is integral to the sustained growth and performance of a business. We
equip our employees with safety skills through safety training programs and exhaustive health sessions.
At Sapscon we value safety above everything else. To facilitate better commonality in performance across all
business units of Sapscon, global safety standards have been put in place, spanning from exhaustive training to


When people are new to their working environment, there is a possibility for them to have accidents more. At Sapscon, we prioritize on giving skill sessions to both our new and old

Incident Management

Understanding the cause and nature of accidents is important for preventing recurrence. We believe that having procedures and processes that collate & communicate actions to prevent recurrence is crucial for safer management system.

Risk Assessment

Mitigating risk and identifying hazard is imperative for an injury free workplace. We stress the use of safety briefings to communicate risks.

Safety Auditing

This standard sets the
minimum requirement
to create an internal safety audit process, in order
to evaluate the effectiveness of the safety management
system. Local legislation
requirements must be
adhered to, always!

On Site Management of Vehicles & Overhead Services

At Sapscon we try to plan and control the movement of vehicles at jobsite. Activities related to water, gas, electrical power lines,structures, fuel pipelines and other hazards require superior planning.

Electrical Safety

Underground and overhead electrical services are a major threat to construction
sites, irrespective of whether it is rural or urban area. Crafting guidelines for managing risk is a prerequisite for safer working environment, especially alongside
high voltage power lines.

Working at an Altitude

At Sapscon we recognize that accidental falls from a height is responsible for serious and fatal injuries than other category of accidents in the construction
field. It is essential that such
risk of injury be controlled.

Trenching & Excavation

While carrying out trenching and excavation activities, ground conditions can vary even at shorter distances. Small fall of earth is capable of inflicting fatal injuries.
A solution to this problem is to install systems under the
surveillance of qualified personnel.


An everyday activity ‘lifting’ represents one of the bigger risks in the construction field. Lifting operations include excavators, cranes, forklift and gantry cranes. At Sapscon, we take extreme caution in covering lifting operations.


Construction work sites are not safe from the risk of fire, especially if the area has flammable materials. Some methods to avert potential accidents are swift emergency response, control of activities and planning.

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