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Our Strengths

Highly skilled, flexible and cost effective SAPSCON owes these attributes to our expertise of delivering fast paced construction projects. We evaluate our client’s needs, installation site and the size of the project to identify appropriate construction options. SAPSCON provides comprehensive engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services for projects. We have a state level network of procurement, engineering and construction resources, with in house fabrication facility at Madkai. All aspects of the construction work are performed with our in house resources only.

& Goal-Oriented Management

Passion and perseverance is the asset of Sapscon. We firmly believe that in-depth study and effective planning is crucial for the successful execution of a construction project. Founded in the year 2010, Sapscon has completed successful projects under the stable leadership of Sujata Patil and Satish Nair. The planning and deep research in construction by our experts is unmatched in the industry. The well-advanced tools and innovative ideas have made Sapscon create high standards of quality assurance and safety in your construction. Our management also promotes sustainable building practices and takes into consideration vital environmental safeguards in all its works related to construction.
Our dedicated construction team and a design engineering team is supervised by a highly motivated team of supervisors and engineers.

Construction plan

Strengths That Outshine


Sapscon has a central warehouse for critical material storage, which is equipped with state-of-the-art tools. We conduct exhaustive testing to ensure optimized formulations to meet the precise requirements of clients, taking into the account the availability of local raw materials. Our warehouse is equipped with new technologies to meet the local demands across core industries.

HR Team for
Project Support

The members of the HR construction team deeply care about each project. The whole organization, both the project management team and the skilled staff strives to be resourceful and efficient, from the beginning to the completion of the project. For Sapscon, relationship with clients is highly valuable. Many clients have continuously worked with us, Cartini and Encube, to name a few.

In-House Fabrication Facility 

Sapscon's construction facility is supported by an in-house fabrication unit at Madkaim in Goa. The facility specializes in the fabrication of steel structures, pipe spool, tanks etc. Sapscon's QC personnel execute hydrotesting at the fabrication facility. They have unparalleled expertise in commissioning, testing and installation of rotary equipment, structural steel, bore piping, transformers, cable trays, switch gear panels etc.


  • Repeated construction contract orders from M/s Encube and M/s Godrej & Boyce Ltd. for last 6 years.

  • Construction of 45 meters width Structural Roof for USFDA approved warehouse.

  • Construction of Tallest Industrial Building In Goa - 37 meters.

  • Construction of G+6 Floor Building for M/s Godrej Ltd.

  • Constructed 15+ Projects in past 5 years.

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